3 1/2 simple steps to become a morning person

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3 1/2 simple steps to become a morning person


Successful people get up early. That it what it says everywhere. But for "normal" people that is hard. Especially if you are not genetically determined to be an early bird. I tried to put my alarm clock at 6.00 several times but it never ended well. I either hit snooze a lot until I reached my normal get up time or I indeed got up. Either way I was grumpy (to the joy of people who had to spend time with me) and not at all productive the day that followed. So, this was not how it would work. However, I am to some extend what people call stubborn and persistent and experimented and finally became more of a morning person. I will share with you my rituals and thoughts. To you this might differ and you might need some time for experimentation like I did. However, this Tipps might help you to find your way to become a morning person.


1. Use the carrot tactic - Have a good reason to get up

Getting up is even harder when you have gone to bed quite late. Remember that times as a child, when you had birthday or another enjoyable occasion coming up? Back then I couldn’t go to bed early enough, so that the next day would come and I would finally get presents and cake and attention. We get older and there are not so many day that exciting. I realized that at some point I didn’t really want to go to sleep because when you go to sleep you have to wake up and hustle again and I felt frustrated and tired only thinking of it. This is a vicious circle. The later you go to bed, the harder it will get to get up early and the more likely you are being tried and grumpy all day. So, you have to find a way to make the next moring appealing. I experimented with food and other rewards in the morning, but the best tactic is to have a project you really want to work waiting for you in the morning.



2. Don’t exercise - recharge yourself!

Most articles covering successful people suggest some form of exercise in the morning. I also tried that, but I want to empathize on two of the most important aspects to my mind: Focus on breathing and stretching and not sweating. The danger with exercise is that sometimes it leaves us tired and worn out. That is not what you want in the morning! You want to have a fresh start into the day. What is most important is that you get some fresh lungs of air and that you stretch all the parts that have become stiff over night. This gets especially relevant the older you get. It is incredible how this leaves me already in a good mood. To me a good combination of both are Yoga exercises. The Yoga tradition of Shivananda, which I am following, includes despite the classical body exercises (Hata Yoga), breathing and meditation parts. If you really want a short work out do some sun salutes. For some people these yoga exercise are even so awakening that they don’t need their morning coffee anymore. (Some people get tired from yoga, too. So, you have to try out which exercises work for you. Maybe you find a different form of exercise that lets you focus on breath and stretching.


3. Welcoming the day with some water

As you sweat at night, drinking will increase your blood circulation and help you to get up. I drink my morning water with a bit of lemon juice that is a little add on for a good morning mood. Additionally, I suggest that you have a cold shower. That will definitely waken you up and you wil feel reshreshed afterwards.

3.1/2 Enjoy the feeling

When you start these rituals it may feel as a cold shower is not enjoyable while it lasts and being tired the first days might not be such a pleseant feeling either. However, afterwards you feel good. Perceive and enjoy that feeling and do not rush into the day, too fast. Maybe enhance your mood your favorite energetic music and then tackle the day! :)

Published on Saturday 16th October 2021

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